Child Sexual Abuse: Disclosure, Delay, and Denial

Editor(s) Margaret-Ellen Pipe, Michael E. Lamb, Yael Orbach
Publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Published 2007
Pages 328
Price £45.55
ISBN 0805852840
Reviewed by Mrs Margaret Simms
Review published 17 August 2007

In these times of collaboration and partnership there is great sharing of knowledge and experience amongst child care professionals, and the editors of this book have surely brought their own positive contribution to the table. Picking up this book is like holding the key of a door to a dark and secret room. The cover portrays the feel of a personal journal; the reader is aware that inside will be thought provoking and possibly life-changing entries.

The editors have skillfully drawn together a compelling and enlightening combination of scientific research and practitioner perspectives on the subjects of disclosure, delay and denial. Research methodologies are clearly explained throughout and, for the statistically minded, there are a number of highly informative tables and graphs. For those who err towards the qualitative approach Chapters 13, 15 may appeal as they include interviews and practical guidance on dealing with disclosure; I found Chapter 16, ‘Reflections on the Concept of Disclosure’, particularly interesting.