‘…it really feels like I have finished my studies now.’ An online exploration of learning biographies.

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Alan Bainbridge (Canterbury Christ Church University College)
Published in Issue 8 Summer 2007 Some ways forward
Date Published Summer 2007
Pages 3
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By Alan Bainbridge


My ESCalate funded research explored the opportunities for personal and professional reflection by engaging in a narrative enquiry in the form of learning biographies (see Domincé, 2000 and Kridel, 1998), in an online environment. The central feature was to create a temporal and physical space in a virtual environment to facilitate reflexivity. The focus on past learning experiences provides an ideal opportunity to engage in reflection that highlights the personal learner and the professional individual working with young people in educational contexts. The findings suggest that for some individuals this process of reflective enquiry may question traditional concepts of formal learning by placing learning in a wider context that includes dealing with the past and the present.