Forging the links: Raising Awareness of Diversity Issues in Primary and Secondary MFL ITE

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2006
Amount awarded £5,000.00
Completed: November 2009
Leader(s): Ms Farhana Zaman
Organisation: Nottingham Trent University
Contact Email:
Farhana Zaman ( Lead Applicant)
Nottingham University School of Education
Keith Faulkner
Sheffield University School of Education
Start Date: 1 September 2006
End Date: 30 April 2009
Interim report received: 11 November 2008

Description of Work

• Objectives

To investigate the benefits of integrating an understanding of diversity issues within the study of modern foreign languages for (Initial Teacher Education ) ITE students undertaking Primary and Secondary PGCE courses .

To investigate the attitudes about issues of diversity of key trainers in MFL, and their willingness to allow ITE student teachers to “try something new and different” in their school based practice .

To investigate which materials provided for ITE have the most impact on raising awareness about the importance of diversity issues

To investigate what ITE trainees feel might be the potential impact of their awareness of diversity issues ( raised through their MFL courses) on their practice in school across the 5 and 16 age range.

To investigate whether there is any correlation between potential impact as outlined above and actual impact realised during school based training.

• Techniques or materials to be refined or development, including a brief account of their current status and your relevant expertise, where not outlined above.