Developing Good Pedagogical Practice in Research Training Programmes for Professional Doctorate Education

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2006
Amount awarded £3,363.00
Completed: September 2008
Leader(s): Dr Alexis Taylor
Organisation: Brunel University
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01895 267176
Start Date: 30 January 2007
End Date: 28 December 2007
Interim report received: 12 June 2008
Final report received: 23 September 2008

This project will investigate what might constitute good pedagogical practice in research training programmes for professional doctorate education. The project is located in the context of the recently published revised ESRC Guidelines for 1+3 postgraduate doctoral education (and their present review). These stress the importance of dedicated high quality initial research training and the transferability of skills, and include an enhanced emphasis on professional doctorates.