M level PGCE: Results of M Level PGCE Questionnaire survey

At the second ESCalate M level PGCE seminar held at Liverpool John Moores University on 2nd March 2007, delegates were asked if they would fill in a questionnaire concerning their provision of M level PGCE. The following document is the result of that survey. The text below summarises the findings. The summary and the details of the responses are available to download as a PDF file at the top of this page. Many thanks to all delegates at the seminar who completed a questionnaire.

Summary of findings

Twenty six institutions are represented in the following results.

75% of the institutions are going to offer PGCEs at both H and M level.

25% will offer M level only.

84.6% of the institutions will offer 60 credits for M level.

57% of the institutions recruit to a single course and 27% to one course with optional M level credits to those who are interested. No one runs two distinct courses.

92% of the institutions award QTS if they do not reach M level (with some provisos).

If a student passes M level modules but does not meet QTS, there is a variety of response. Some give the Masters credits, some recommend resitting, some simply fail and a number are not resolved on this question.

61% of the institutions have embedded plans to allow students who have successfully completed M level credits to progress to either PPD or CPD programmes, 39% do not.

39% of the institutions are changing their admissions criteria to reflect the introduction of M level PGCEs, 61% are not.

15% of the institutions have already provided additional staff training to reflect M level, 30% have provided training already and are continuing to provide it. Therefore 45% of the institutions have already provided staff training. 50% are planning to provide it in the future.

Concerning providing additional support to students, 69% will provide study skills sessions during induction and personalised skills support, 77% will provide study guides and e-learning opportunities, 77% will give tutorial support on writing at M level and 61% will give research methodology sessions. Other comments are: Tutorial support only for M level students, Distance learning material from our MA courses (adapted), We don’t want the M level to be necessarily research-orientated.

61% of the institutions will be providing additional support to school-based mentors and 15% will not. Others are as yet unsure.

73% of the institutions intend to introduce a school-based research project into M level work and 15% do not. Others are as yet unsure.