Centres For Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETLs)

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Bob Hunter (The Higher Education Academy)
Published in Issue 7 Spring 2007: Strengthening links within & outside the Education Community
Date Published Spring 2007
Pages 2


By Bob Hunter, Project Officer from The Higher Education Academy


We live in exiting times for teaching and learning! The CETL initiative in England with its capital funding of up to two million pounds per CETL has enabled institutions to create a physical presence for teaching and learning that has the potential to rival some of the Research Centres in their renown. Staff involved in teaching are equally enthused by this rising visibility, CETLs are having a significant impact on the physical and attitudinal horizons in their institutions. Whereas some CETLs are working from an existing infrastructure of NTFS (National Teaching Fellowship Scheme) and FDTLs (Fund for the Development of Teaching and Learning) and hit the ground running, others have, as well as creating their physical space, used the last year to develop their team, appointing directors, managers and staff. The result is that this next year will see all CETLs working in earnest to disseminate and develop their excellence.