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Hearing the student voice: Using students to enhance professional development practice in learning, teaching and assessment in Higher Education.

Date(s) Wednesday 9 May 2007
Venue Marriot Hotel Glasgow
Organised by Napier University, Leeds Metropolitan University, UCE Birmingham and the University of Westminster (funded by ESCalate)
Employing student voices can have a powerful impact within academic professional development aimed at enhancing learning, teaching and assessment practice in higher education. By providing qualitative insights about the nature of their learning experiences, students can bring both valid and valuable viewpoints which motivate staff who are engaged by the students’ perspective and by the depth and clarity of their opinions.

This seminar will provide an opportunity for participants to learn of current work investigating the student voice involving the development of case studies which will be showcased and to explore the relevance of this strategy to their own situation. The session will be of interest to educational and staff developers, teaching and learning coordinators and academic staff. The seminar is organised by the Hearing the Student Voice project, a collaborative project involving Napier University, Leeds Metropolitan University, UCE Birmingham and the University of Westminster and funded by the ESCalate subject centre.

For more information about this project go to the ESCalate development grant current projects page.

The seminar will· discuss the value and effectiveness of using the student voice within academic staff development· feature case studies of innovative practice developed by the project team and others and involving students· provide opportunities to explore what works best through interactive opportunities provided for participants and a discussion of relevant issues · enable participants to share their experiences of using the student voice· involve students. For more details about the seminar programme see the details attached.

The seminar will be held at the Marriot Hotel Glasgow as part of the SEDA Conference

Further information about the project visit the Hearing the Student Voice website.

To book your place at this event please contact or phone 020 7380 6767