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PGCE M Level seminar

Date(s) Friday 2 March 2007
Venue Liverpool John Moores University
Organised by ESCalate

A one-day seminar from 9.45am - 3.45pm.

Aims of the seminar

The first ESCalate M level PGCE seminar held at the University of Gloucestershire was very successful and highlighted a need for more opportunities for colleagues across the sector to engage with this important initiative. This day is a follow-up to the first session but also stands alone so that it is by no means essential that you were at the first one.

The emphasis on the day will be on the search for ‘M levelness’ and the student experience. What do we really mean by M level, how can we find consistency of expectation and how do we develop critical thinkers? Is it really possible to get students to read and what about the contest between practice and theory? There will be presentations from colleagues involved in the planning of the introduction of M level PGCE. Further presentations will consider links with CPD and the development of teaching on an M level course.

For much of the day colleagues will be invited to discuss themes in workshops with an aim of drawing together ideas, problems, initiatives, difficulties and inspirations. The work done by delegates in these workshops will be published on the ITE Help Directory of the ESCalate website and will extend the Sharing Ideas section on M level PGCE which is already there. It is hoped that this seminar and the one in Gloucestershire will be just the beginning of a commitment to research and discussion about M level PGCE.

The seminar is aimed at all colleagues involved in M level PGCE course provision (early years, primary and secondary) or those considering setting up such courses. It is also of interest to those concerned with the continuing professional development of teachers and members of all agencies with a professional interest in teacher education.