University of Plymouth - Earn & Learn Award: Are you making the most of your work experience?

Produced by Careers Service
University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth runs an award scheme to enable their students to 'prove' some of their transferable skills, by getting Students to reflect on their work experience. Below is a list of the different areas covered in the Student Booklet.

  1. What are transferable skills?
  2. The Earn & Learn Award Checklist
  3. Record Sheet
  4. Get More From Work
  5. What next? Identifying areas for development
  6. Understanding Organisations
  7. Analysing your performance at work
  8. Your Review
  9. Employer Review
  10. Promoting your transferable skills
  11. Future Goals
  12. Resources
  13. Careers Service addresses.

You can use this resource as a bases to help with your own employability. Let us know how you get on!

Thank you to the Plymouth Careers service for their kind premission to publish this booklet.