The Global Dimension: Tips for incorporating the global dimension into your work with students

  1. Ask your students what they know about the Global Dimension and whether they consider it to be important.
  2. Challenge their assumptions.
  3. Spend time with trainees discussing how to incorporate the Global Dimension into lessons to enrich their pupils’ knowledge of the world.
  4. Suggest making every lesson deeper, broader and relevant to the Global Dimension.
  5. Look up the DEP website – Developing Education Project raising awareness of global issues –  
  6. Send for or download DfES 1409-2005DOC-EN ‘Developing the global dimension in the school curriculum’ at .
  7. Use the Oxfam site ‘Coolplanet for teachers’ for a range of excellent ideas at .
  8. Visit for resources which help bring global perspectives to lesson planning and teaching.
  9. Visit This is the Development Education Association website. This association is the national lead body which often has useful documents to download and also publishes the Development Education Journal which has analytical and theoretical articles of interest to teacher educators.
  10. Visit the ESCalate ESDGC website for resources and guidance.