The Theory and Practice of Teaching (2nd Ed)

Editor(s) Peter Jarvis
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Published 2006
Pages 272
Price £22.99
ISBN 0415365252
Reviewed by Mrs Margaret Simms
Nottingham Trent University
Review published 26 September 2006

The Theory and Practice of Teaching is written for ‘anyone interested in the art of good teaching.’ On picking up the book, I decided not to be anyone - but someone, a student teacher to be precise. Reading the book from what I perceive to be a student teacher perspective, I looked for accessible pages, different styles of teaching and learning, practical hints to take into the classroom. It was all there. The eight different authors approached their thirteen chapters in different ways, covering all the above as well as ethics, pedagogies, lecturing, facilitation, mentoring, assessment… presented in a mix of short, medium and very long paragraphs, spattered with quotes, bullet points, a couple of models and the odd table.

The book explains that the type of teaching we engage in varies in relation to what is being taught. It portrays teaching as art rather than science, making way for self-expression and creativity. Different teaching styles are clearly laid out in the book for the reader to discover and debate, bearing in mind, the style or style chosen will depend on the way the teacher/learner relationship is viewed.

Editor Peter Jarvis lives up to his promise, this is a book for everyone interested in the art of good teaching.