Career Skills for Education Students


Screen image of the Careers Module introduction in BlackboardThis free resource has been created to enhance the employability of education students and may be undertaken by students themselves and/ or used by staff to import into their programmes of work. It is an interactive course with personal study dimensions which aims to be flexible, accessible and engaging. It is relevant to anyone wanting to enhance their career in education broadly defined, regardless of age, level and mode of study.

It is currently available in 2 forms:

  1. As a freely accessible web resource here on the ESCalate website
  2. As a downloadable zip file which may be imported into Blackboard 6 (see links section on this page)
For further information and for details of the accompanying paper-based resources on employability for students and staff, please email Julie Anderson.


This module is the result of collaboration between the Subject centres ESCalate and Physical Sciences, based on work by Steve Hanson in the University of Hull Careers Service. The re-purposing work has been largely undertaken by Lynn Ireland with additional material by Janie McKie and technical support from Julian Halliwell, managed overall by Julie Anderson at ESCalate and Paul Chin at Physical Sciences. Special thanks to ESCalate St Martins staff for input on the section on interviewing skills.



  • Bb Zip package updated with internal section links removed.

2006-08-30: Changes to Bb Zip package

  • All boxes set to percentage width instead of pixels.
  • Height values removed to avoid problems with other browsers and monitor sizes.
  • Some unused tests removed from the test manager
  • Various broken links fixed/removed
  • Reduced text size in introduction