Research to Reality: The Challenges facing Early Childhood Studies. Conference Report

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Mary Wild (Oxford Brookes University)
Published in Issue 5 Summer 06: New Academic Resolution - Let's get out more
Date Published Summer 2006
Pages 2


By Mary Wild, Oxford Brookes University. Conference Report


“Felt like scratching at the surface – because there is so much going on at the moment in so many different spheres – but the scratching has to be done!”

“Good range of key speakers addressing professionalism from different perspectives”

Just two of the comments received from those who attended a recent conference sponsored by the Early Childhood Studies Degree Network in collaboration with ESCalate. Entitled Early Childhood Studies: Research to Reality: ECS Degree Quality and Professionalism, the one day conference served as a timely opportunity to discuss the nature of professionalism in the Early Years workforce at a time when the sector is considering a plethora of Government consultations and initiatives. This significant challenge was highlighted at the outset of the day by the Conference Chair, Julie Fisher, who clearly established the purpose of the conference as to “extend debate and consider the issues” in “developing a new children’s workforce”...