The Growth of the ‘New Education Studies’

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Steve Bartlett (University of Wolverhampton)
  • Diana Burton (Liverpool John Moores University)
Published in Issue 5 Summer 06: New Academic Resolution - Let's get out more
Date Published Summer 2006
Pages 2


By Prof Steve Bartlett, University of Wolverhampton and Prof Diana Burton, Liverpool John Moores University


Two years ago a small group of education studies lecturers from a range of Higher Education (HE) institutions came together to share experiences. From this initial meeting the idea of a subject network developed through which support, advice, pooling of resources and ideas could take place. It was hoped that this network could also provide a forum in which discussion of the nature and the development of the subject would occur. Thus the British Education Studies Association (BESA) was formed.

Though still very much in its infancy the association has grown rapidly in the past 12 months. An initial colloquium on Education Studies was held at Hope University and the first national conference took place in July 2005 at the University of Chester. A second very successful colloquium was recently held at Trinity College, Carmarthen focusing, in the light of the recent Furlong Report (2006), on the future of Education Studies in relation to changes in ITT and also on the employability of education studies graduates. The second national conference is due to take place at Bishop Grosseteste College in early July 2006.   So why does Education Studies warrant a national network? What can an Education Studies degree offer students and lecturers?...