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Civic Engagement and Understanding Citizenship and Placement Education in the University. One day conference

Date(s) Thursday 8 June 2006
Venue Whitelands College, Roehampton University
Organised by Crucible, University of Roehampton, ESCalate, C-SAP, SWAP and PRS


This one-day conference has been designed bring together academics, students and NGOs to discuss the critical role that placement learning and other forms of civic engagement play in the developing the ‘citizenship’ and social justice curriculum in higher education. Many universities now use placement learning as part of the curriculum in most disciplines but its use in the area of ‘citizenship’ is relatively recent. Crucible has placement learning and ‘citizenship’ at the heart of its activities and the purpose of this conference is to begin building a network of universities, academics and other organisations and agencies. There are existing networks and other interesting endeavours like Sociology in Placements. We seek to build upon this work by providing our support for similar ventures with the valuable assistance of appropriate subject centres.


It is hoped that at the end of the conference participants will have:

  • Developed a critical understanding of the role of placement learning in the ‘citizenship’ and social justice education
  • Considered and evaluated a range of models of placement learning
  • Engaged in debates about the effective management of placement learning
  • Shared their knowledge and expertise of how students work with organisations and impacts upon those organisations
  • Considered different types of relationship between universities and placement providers
  • Assessed new initiatives in placement learning, including the possible use of multimedia resources

Who would benefit from the conference?

  • Academic staff with experience of placement learning and/or the ‘citizenship’ curriculum
  • Administrative staff involved in the management of placements
  • NGOs and other placement providers
  • Students with experience of placement learning
This conference is free,– to book a place, or for further information, email, or phone 020 8392 3210.