Recognising and supporting PhD students crossing conceptual thresholds

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2005
Amount awarded £4,538.00
Completed: March 2007
Leader(s): Professor Gina Wisker
Organisation: University of Brighton
Contact Email:
Address: Centre for Learning and Teaching, Falmer, Sussex
Professor Peter Hartley
University of Bradford
Professor JHF Meyer
University of Durham
Professor Vernon Trafford, Dr Gillian Robinson, Dr Jaki Lilly, Mark Warnes
Anglia Ruskin University
Start Date: 1 February 2006
End Date: 27 March 2007
Interim report received: 5 August 2008
Final report received: 5 August 2008

The project team have a well established track record of research into postgraduate student learning, supervisory practices and the PhD examination process. This project builds on research undertaken into recognising, defining and exploring variation in the threshold concepts among undergraduate students (Meyer, Land et al 2003) by focusing on where, when and how to identify the crossing of conceptual thresholds in the work of PhD students. In so doing it focuses on variations in postgraduate student learning and conceptual levels of work at PhD. It also considers supervisory and research programme practices and materials which could better enable PhD students to develop conceptual level work.