Mediated Support for Learning Enhancement (ELLI) (Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory)

Author/Producer Margery McMahon, David Morrison-Love and Ruth Deakin-Crick
  • Ruth Deakin-Crick (University of Bristol)
  • Margery McMahon (University of Glasgow)
  • David Morrison-Love (University of Glasgow)
Date Published Spring 2006
Pages 12


MacELLI is a learning enhancement project undertaken by the University of Glasgow and the University of Bristol


MacELLI is a project for learning enhancement undertaken in the Faculty of Education, University of Glasgow, during session 2003-04, in collaboration with the university’s Student Learning Service (SLS), and the Graduate School of Education, University of Bristol.

The project was funded by a grant from the University of Glasgow’s Learning and Teaching Development Fund. The project was linked closely to the University’s Quality Enhancement Strategy and Employability Strategy.