Teaching with Emotional intelligence

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Alan Mortiboys (University of Central England)
Published in Issue 4: Ethical decision-making supports teaching, learning and research
Date Published Spring 2006
Pages 2


By Alan Mortiboys, University of Central England


Here is a question for you. Think of any occasion when you were a learner that aroused strong feelings in you. What is the word or phrase that captures how you felt at the time?

I have asked this question of hundreds of higher education lecturers in workshops I run on teaching with emotional intelligence. The range of feelings recalled is vast but common responses include ‘angry’, ‘elated’, ‘embarrassed’, ‘frustrated’, ‘humiliated’, ‘relieved’. I ask the question in order to make the point that:

Learning itself is an intrinsically emotional business (Claxton 1999:15).