Promoting and encouraging the effective use of the student voice to enhance professional development in learning, teaching and assessment within higher education

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2005
Amount awarded £4,750.00
Completed: September 2007
Leader(s): Fiona Campbell
Organisation: Napier University
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 0131 455 6102
Address: EdDev, Bevan, Craighouse campus, Craighouse Road, Edinburgh, EH10 5LG
Ann Rumpus
University of Westminster
Jenny Eland
UCE Birmingham
Liz Beasley
Leeds Metropolitan University
Interim report received: 12 June 2008
Final report received: 12 June 2008

‘Good teaching means seeing learning through the learner’s eyes’1. Students can have a powerful impact on academic professional development aimed at enhancing learning, teaching and assessment practice. By providing qualitative insights about the nature of their learning experience, students can bring both valid and valuable viewpoints and motivate staff who are engaged by the students’ perspective and often admire their perspicacity. This project aims to raise the profile of this professional development strategy and to equip educational and staff developers with the skills and confidence necessary to employ it effectively in academic professional development within higher education. Building on the existing experience of the project team and initial investigations of current activity across the sector, the project partners will develop in-depth case studies of innovative and effective practice which will be shared with the sector through printed and electronic publication together with regional and national fora. By providing opportunities for the sector to contribute their own ideas and examples of good practice in online and face-to-face discussions, the project plans to build a community of practice comprising staff and educational developers using the student voice to enhance the effectiveness of academic professional development and ultimately the learning experience of students.

1 Ramsden, P (1988) Managing the effective university Higher Education Research and Development 17(3)