Masters' Courses in the Education of Adults in the UK

Author/Producer ESCalate, Prof John Field, Richard Dockrell, Peter Gray
  • Richard Dockrell (University of Stirling)
  • John Field (University of Stirling)
  • Peter Gray (University of Stirling)
Date Published November 2005
Pages 31


This is the full unabridged version of the article that appeared in the Autumn newsletter in 2005


Universities provide a range of advanced qualifications for professionals who support adult learners. Describing and evaluating this body of work, though, poses something of a challenge. The field of continuing education is a broad one, which has been widened further by current government policies promoting lifelong learning, as well as by increased concerns for quality improvement among providers in further and higher education. Qualifications are accordingly offered under a variety of different titles: many universities now offer taught postgraduate courses in areas such as lifelong learning, continuing education, post-compulsory education and training or adult education. This report examines the background against which these courses developed, and explores a number of curricular and organisational issues associated with them. It includes, as an appendix, a list of courses currently offered in British higher education institutions.