Letters from Americans: the perceptions of American student teachers working with children at risk in European schools.

Author/Producer ESCalate
  • Les Caul (Stranmillis University College)
Published in Issue 1 Spring 2005: Our First Edition
Date Published Spring 2005
Pages 4


By Dr Les Caul, Stranmillis University, Northern Ireland; Academic Consultant for Northern Ireland


Shared global concerns in education have recently focused on underachievement and the difficulties associated with the education of the children of migrant labour. These priorities unite Europe and the United States in a growing unease that a large number of young people are not meeting their academic potential through failing at school and becoming excluded from mainstream society. The CARE project (CARE@Stran.ac.uk) addresses the concerns of both the United States and the European Union about underachievement in schools and the potential alienation of some young people...