We seek it here...a new perspective on the elusive activity of critical thinking: a theoretical and practical approach

Author/Producer Dr Jenny Moon/ ESCalate
  • Jenny Moon (University of Exeter)
Published in ESCalate Discussion Series
Date Published October 2005
Pages 43
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This paper is in two parts with the first part being a theoretical discussion and the second part focussing on the practical side.


Part One questions what is meant by critical thinking, referring to the literature in some detail to build towards a descriptive statement. A particularly helpful aspect of Dr Moon’s writing is the link made between critical thinking and the development of the conceptions of knowledge (epistemological beliefs) which have not been explored fully elsewhere.

Part Two focuses on the practical side of the issue for staff and students in HE, finishing with some photocopiable activity pages. ESCalate and Dr Moon are both keen to receive comments and feedback on this publication via heacademy-escalate@bristol.ac.uk

Dr Julie Anderson, ESCalate