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Becoming a teacher-educator: improving the induction and professional development of new university-based lecturers in initial teacher education

Date(s) Friday 10 March 2006
Venue University of Birmingham
Organised by ESCalate, St Martin's

This forms part of the ESCalate ITE Seminar Series


  • Peter Boyd, St Martin’s College;
  • Dr Jean Murray, Brunel University;
  • Kim Harris, St Martin’s College


The purpose of the day is to critically consider the induction and professional development of new university-based teacher educators as they establish their identity as academics. Two recent ESCalate funded projects have investigated the journey of new teacher educators and have identified significant challenges and some implications for practice. There is now a need to consider the practical implications of the research and produce guidelines with which Education departments may review their practice in this important area. The seminar will enable participants to share practice and directly contribute to and influence the review guidelines.

Format of the seminar:

  • Advance distribution of two short research papers
  • Presentation and critical discussion of relevant theory and research findings
  • Practical work in groups developing strategies for effective induction and professional development of new teacher educators
  • Plenary and discussion of opportunities to be involved in piloting the review guidelines produced and action research supported by ESCalate

The seminar will be aimed at those with leadership responsibilities for the induction and professional development of teacher educators (lecturers working in teacher education) plus ‘new’ teacher educators themselves. Academic developers in Education departments or based in central units may also be interested.

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