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Preparing students to work in schools facing challenging circumstances: evidence from research and practice

Date(s) Thursday 26 January 2006
Venue University of Derby
Organised by ESCalate, St Martin's

Part of the ESCalate ITE Seminar Series 2006

Keynote Speakers
Dr Neil Simco, St Martin’s College, Lancaster
Dr Des Hewitt, University of Derby

The day included workshop sessions on the following topics:

  • Supporting trainee teachers who work in schools in challenging circumstances;
  • Teach First: The story to date of working with trainee teachers in schools in challenging circumstances;
  • “Any school will have challenges…’s all a matter of your point of view”: the implications for teacher education of the ‘Successful Teachers in Schools in Challenging Circumstances Project’;
  • Teaching the 'little rascals': supporting students to influence children's behaviour through theory and practice;
  • Professional concerns regarding rights and responsibilities of teachers/ children in the light of Every Child Matters and schools facing challenging circumstances;
  • The use of drama in schools facing challenging circumstances to support ITE

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