Sharing Our Experience: people with learning difficulties supporting change through learning disability studies in Higher Education

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: May 2005
Amount awarded £3,650.16
Completed: July 2007
Leader(s): Craig Blyth
Organisation: University of Manchester
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 0161 275 3385
Address: Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL
Dr Kathy Boxall
Department of Sociological Studies, Sheffield University
Professor Derek Colquhoun
Centre for Educational Studies, University of Hull
Start Date: 2 January 2006
End Date: 29 June 2007
Interim report received: 5 August 2008
Final report received: 5 August 2008
The Learning Disability Studies programme at Manchester University is unique in its collaboration with people described as having learning difficulties, who teach, act as consultants, and make up the majority of members of the Partnership Steering Committee for the programme. The project will focus on developing and disseminating this good practice. This will benefit both the learning community and the wider community by putting forward an up-to-date and socially just approach to working with people described as having learning difficulties.

The project is intended to share this experience with partners in further and higher education, supporting teaching and consultancy work by people with learning difficulties, who will give seminars in partner institutions. The project will additionally look at issues around remuneration for consultancy and teaching work carried out by people with learning difficulties. Currently their benefits are negatively affected if they engage in this type of activity thereby reinforcing the societal barriers to engagement and participation