Good Grammar for Students

Author(s) Howard Jackson
Publisher Sage
Published 2005
Pages 168
Price 45.00
ISBN 1412902037
Reviewed by Mrs Jill Matthews
Canterbury Christ Church University College
Review published 21 July 2006

This Essential Study Skills book provides an extremely helpful guide to understanding English grammar and syntax and offers practical suggestions for improving academic writing by outlining the principles of effective essay writing in a straightforward easily accessible way.

It could be used as a complete text or dipped into to check and address specific areas of grammar. It provides guidance from basic terminology: verbs, nouns adjectives etc., through to sentence construction and paragraphing. There is an extremely useful section on “getting your point across”, which explains the two basic principles that underlie effective writing: accuracy in grammatical expression and clarity of style.

One chapter is dedicated to proofreading issues. It discusses the reliability of the use of Microsoft Word’s grammar checker and the spellchecker and advises the reader how to use these facilities effectively, but also that they should still proofread before submission! Spelling rules and punctuation are also dealt with clearly. Suggestions for further information are given.

Each chapter of the book contains clear guidance, examples, exercises where appropriate, and a summary of the main points. The glossary of terms will be especially useful for ITE students who are preparing to teach the National Literacy Strategy.

I will recommend it to my students.