Active Learning – Active Citizenship

Leader(s): Professor Brian Hudson (Project Director), Mike McManus (Project Manager)
Organisation: Sheffield Hallam University

This development arose in response to a number of subject priorities identified from QAA subject overview reports as outlined in the FDTL phase five invitation to bid from HEFCE of September 2003. Following our successful application, we intend to work across subject areas with students in Education Studies, Teacher Education and Applied Social Studies at Sheffield Hallam University and with students of Politics in our partner institution at the University of Lincoln. We have set out with the aim of enhancing the teaching and learning of citizenship and political literacy by developing resources and approaches that integrate the use of ICT and multimedia involving the use of virtual learning environments and open and flexible approaches to learning. We intend that the resources will address inter-related strands of (1) social and moral responsibility (2) community involvement and (3) political literacy. A cross-cutting dimension will involve, where appropriate, the tension between the global and the local in today’s complex, rapidly changing and interdependent global economy. Download the project outline document for more details.

In May 2006 a multimedia workshop was held with the team members. The learning value and content of rich media learning objects was evaluated and tested. The look and feel of the site, user engagement and the development of context based re-usable learning objects were analysed. The outcomes and summary report of the workshop have been placed on the project's website.