Developing web-based materials to support the induction of new academic staff working on education courses in Higher Education

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: January 2005
Amount awarded £4,975.00
Completed: October 2007
Leader(s): Dr Jean Murray
Organisation: Brunel University
Contact Email:
Contact phone: +44(0)208 891 0121
Address: 300 St Margaret's Rd Twickenham, Middx, TW1 1PT
Mr. Andy Hudson
Head of School of Education, Kingston University
Ms. Susan Bloxham
Head of Centre for the Development of Learning and Teaching, University College of St Martins, Lancaster
Professor Jon Davison
Dean of Initial and Continuing Professional Development, Institute of Education, University of London
Professor Peter John
Dean of School of Education, University of Plymouth
Interim report received: 5 August 2008
Final report received: 5 August 2008
This project is designed to plan, collect and evaluate relevant support materials to be posted on the Education subject section of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) database for the induction of new academics (SNAS). The materials will be particularly targeted at academics involved in teaching on initial and continuing teacher education courses, and making the transition from school teaching to working in HE. The rationale for the research is two fold: firstly, there is an overall shortage of relevant resources for both new education staff and their mentors and senior managers; secondly, where resources do exist, they are fragmented across different sources and difficult for academics to locate. This is because they are often stored within institutions, embedded within journal articles and policy documents, or available only on disparate websites. This project aims to collate the findings of many of the current initiatives on the induction of new academics in education, to write or commission new materials where necessary, and to involve new academics in the on-going evaluation of materials posted on SNAS. Dissemination of the project will be through the SNAS and ESCalate databases, a report to ESCalate, and papers presented at the BERA and UCET conferences.