Dyslexia and work-based learning: a resource for mentors

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2004
Amount awarded £4,000.00
Completed: October 2008
Leader(s): Dr Heather Wharrad, Dr Fiona McCandless, Mrs Jo Sanderson-Mann
Organisation: School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Nottingham
Contact Email: heather.wharrad@nottingham.ac.uk
Contact phone: 0115 9709324
Address: Medical School, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, NG7 2UH
Universities Collaboration in eLearning
Start Date: 3 October 2005
End Date: 30 March 2007
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 23 September 2008

This project aims to raise awareness about dyslexia and work-based learning. The project aims to develop a series of reusable learning objects (RLOs) (these are short, interactive, multimedia ‘bite-sized’ chunks of learning) which can be used by mentors in the work place and their students. These would be freely available to all academic departments who use work placements as part of the learning programme, such as nursing, education and engineering. Such a resource would complement the support already available to students in academic settings, and also ensure that the legal requirements of supporting disabled students are fulfilled.

The model used in the RLO design (European Academic Software Awards EASA finalists 2004) has been developed with UCEL (Universities Collaboration in eLearning). The RLOs use text, audio and highly engaging graphics to deliver the content, and learning is made interactive by including activities and self assessment exercises. The content for these RLOs will be derived from evidence collected from a current HEFCE funded project. A rigorous quality control mechanism is built into the production process including peer review process and student evaluation.

The RLOs will raise the profile of dyslexia and work-based learning, and highlight the difficulties faced by dyslexic students, and the adaptive strategies that they adopt. The RLOs will convey information about dyslexia to work based mentors in an engaging and accessible way.