Collaborative Professional Enquiry

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: October 2004
Amount awarded £5,000.00
Completed: November 2008
Leader(s): Dr Jenny Reeves
Organisation: University of Stirling and the Partnership for Professional Enquiry
Contact Email:
Contact phone: 01786 467607
Address: Institute of Education, Pathfoot Building, Sirling FK9 4LA
Colin Weatherley
Network Educational Press
Gary Johnstone
Education Services, North Ayrshire Council
Ken Currie
Education Services, Falkirk Council
Sheila Smith
Education Services, West Lothian Council
Interim report received: 18 November 2008
Final report received: 20 January 2009

The MEd: Professional Enquiry in Education is an innovative course centred on practice-based learning and the use of a social constructivist pedagogy. It is managed by the Partnership for Professional Enquiry which consists of four local authorities, Network Educational Press and the University of Stirling. The course enables students to address the Chartered Teacher Standard which delineates a leadership role for chartered teachers embedded within a collaborative, evidence-informed professionalism which is new to Scotland.

We plan to launch an interactive web magazine and an associated seminar centred on collaborative professional enquiry (CPE), which will provide the Partnership for Professional Enquiry with the basis for developing systems which will support a community of practice involving students, schools, local authority and university staff and improve capability in terms of practitioner research and evidence-informed practice.