ESCalate Bulletin No. 4 (1 December 2001)


  1. Introduction
  2. Book tokens to be won!
  3. Book reviews
  4. Small Grants scheme
  5. Invitation to Contribute to the Bulletin
  6. Expertise Database


This is the last bulletin for 2001. The next one will be out mid-January, so if you have any copy to contribute, do let us have it by the 11th or so.

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Book tokens to be won!

One of the ways in which ESCalate can help the communities of Education and Continuing Education is to encourage the sharing of good practice via our resource pages on the website. The Learning Exchange was launched in June last year, and the resources have trickled, rather than poured in - not surprising, perhaps in a year dominated by QAA, RAE and the ubiquitous OfSTED! We would like to give the Exchange a good kick start in the New Year, and have agreed to commit a budget to its development. We shall offer 100 book tokens of £50 and 25 of £100 to the first 125 contributions received in 2002. £50 book tokens will be offered for short articles, and £100 for more developed articles of a publishable standard with a stronger rationale and evaluation included. We are hoping to start an e-journal and the latter group will form the basis for the first issues. On the website there are a number of examples at Two illustrate short contributions: Using Post-it Notes and Starting An Adult Learning Session With A Quiz. Longer ones are illustrated by CPD in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Online and Supervising Fieldwork Placements.

What topics would be suitable?

Any teaching and learning initiative you have used, are using, or are currently working on, which would be of interest to fellow practitioners. This need not be a very fully developed initiative: you might be 'testing the water' for possible future topics. Any good practice you would like to share outside your own institution.

What format should it be in?

Please supply a short summary in plain text. You can supplement this with web links, MS Word documents or PDF files if you wish. If you wish to submit a more substantial article then please supply a brief plain-text overview and send in the body as a Word or PDF file.

Please send your contributions to Helen is the office co-ordinator for the Nottingham team, who have developed and manage the Learning Exchange.

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Book reviews

The first book review is now on the ESCalate website. The following books have been received and are available for review. Others are expected in the new year. Let me know if you would like to review one of them

Beaumont, M and O'Brien T (Eds) 2000 Coolaborative Research in Second Language Education , Ipublished by Trentham Books.

Clarke A 2001 Assessing the Quality of Open and Distance learning Materials, published by DfEE & NIACE

Clarke A 2001 Learning Organizations, published by NIACE

Finger, M & AsĂșn JM 2001 Adult Education at the Crossroads, published by Zed Books and NIACE

O'Brien, T (Ed) 2001 Untold Stories: learning support teachers and their work, published by Trentham Books

Siraj-Blatchford, I 1999 A Curriculum Development Handbook for Early Childhood Educators Published by Trentham Books

Thompson, J (Ed) Stretching the Academy: the politics and practice of widening participation in HE, published by NIACE

Book reviews should be fairly brief. They should describe the content of the book, perhaps link it to others available in the field, assess its usefulness, and state what kind of course it might be useful for, as either a supplementary reader or a more central text.

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Small Grants scheme

We had a record number of applications for the small grants this time: fourteen. The proposals are with the referees, and the results will be available on the web by 19th December. A list of the new projects will be included in the January bulletin. There will be one more round of proposals in this academic year, the closing date will be 28th February.

The referees are:

Professor Rosemary Deem, Professor Colin Harrison, Professor Stella Parker and Dr Sonia Blandford.

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Invitation to Contribute to the Bulletin

All colleagues are invited to submit copy for the bulletin: it may take the form of a reference to a development that you fell we need to air; it may be to advertise a book you have written or contributed to; it may be to publicise your event; it may be to ask colleagues for their views on a problem you face. Whatever it is, send it along. If you prefer to have your contribution anonymous that is fine. It would be great to hear from you.

(Any colleagues who wish to advertise events both on our website or through the bulletin should contact the Centre Manager

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Expertise Database

Please keep on sending in suggestions for our expertise database. There will be opportunities for consultancy work through it.

Happy Christmas and a very good New Year to everyone, from all of us at the ESCalate office

Arlene Gilpin
Centre Manager

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