ESCalate Bulletin No. 1 (1 September 2001)


  1. Introduction
  2. New staff in the management team
  3. Small Grants scheme
  4. Literature reviews
  5. Forthcoming conferences
  6. Learning Exchange
  7. Generic LTSN Centre CPD Questionnaire


We are introducing a monthly briefing this year, to keep contacts and friends (members) of ESCalate up to date with developments in the LTSN field. This will not, we hope, be a one way line of communication, but can also serve as a forum for colleagues to use to raise pertinent issues, advertise for staff or help, tell colleagues in the educational field what they are doing etc. The briefing will come out near the beginning of each month, and deadline for copy can be last minute, i.e. up to the 5th of each month.

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New staff in the management team

We start the year with a re-shuffle of the Management Team. Professor Roger Murphy, who has been Director since ESCalate started, has demitted to take up the role of Director for the Institute for Research into Learning and Teaching in HE (IRLTHE) at The University of Nottingham. Following a rigorous selection process, Professor Rosemary Deem was appointed as the new Director of ESCalate. Rosemary works at the University of Bristol, where she is Director of Teaching and Learning in the Graduate School of Education. She has been involved in issues around the learning and teaching of students (postgraduate students in particular) for many years and before coming to Bristol in January 2001 was the founding Director of Lancaster University's Graduate School. Her most recent research has involved studying the management of UK universities.

Arlene Gilpin continues as the Centre Manager. She is also located at the University of Bristol. We now have three Associate Directors. Dr Sonia Blandford from Oxford Brookes University continues as a member of the Management team, but has changed her title to Associate Director, since this more clearly represents the kind of contribution she makes to the work of the Centre. Professor Stella Parker from The University of Nottingham continues as Associate Director with an overview of Continuing Education aspects of our work. A new member of the team is Professor Colin Harrison, also from Nottingham, who will lead the ESCalate group in the School of Education there.I am glad to say that our admin team remain the same. Liz Hankinson leads the team as Administrator, and she is supported by Helen Ireson at Nottingham (web support and secretary), and Sue Battin at Bristol (secretary).

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Small Grants scheme

We shall continue to offer small grants of up to approximately £5000 to teams of colleagues who wish to develop innovations or examples of traditional practices in teaching and learning. The next deadline for submissions is not until 23rd November 2001, so there is plenty of time to get a simple proposal in. Guidelines are available on our website This is a very good way of developing your networks in a particular area of interest.

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Literature reviews

We would like to commission literature reviews on key aspects of practice in Education and Continuing Education during this year. We have bugeted £1500 for each of these, and the first one for which we would like expressions of interest in Research methods teaching and learning in Education. Anyone who is interested should contact Arlene Gilpin for further details.

The subsequent reviews ( five in all) will address areas of interest to colleagues working in our field. We would be interested to receive suggestions from you as to the focus of these.

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Forthcoming conferences

In the spring term we plan to hold two one-day conferences, one for departmental and institutional contacts, the other for colleagues who teach research methods. Further details of these will be circulated in the October Briefing.

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Learning Exchange

Have you had a look at our Learning Exchange on the website? The Learning Exchange has the aim of encouraging those involved in learning and teaching in Higher Education to share ideas, insights, and individual approaches. Our intention is that the this website will evolve over time and be used by many colleagues to share ideas, debate and pose questions. We will also be on the lookout for contributors who could develop their submission into an article for an ESCalate e-journal, to be launched this year. If you would prefer a more open-ended forum for discussion and announcements you may wish to join the ESCalate JISCmail list

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Generic LTSN Centre CPD Questionnaire

The Learning and Teaching Support Network (LTSN) Generic Centre has commissioned a project to explore the professional development needs of those who facilitate learning and teaching developments in higher education. The purpose is to ensure the needs of such colleagues are addressed by appropriate staff development opportunities in the future. For the purposes of the project, the following definition has been proposed in order to scope the work. If it describes the work you do (no matter how partially) please complete the online questionnaire by following this link, and/or ask interested colleagues to do the same:

Please submit your response by 21 September 2001

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