Learning through dialogue: using examples of teacher-pupil discourse to deepen understanding of classroom learning processes

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: (Not set)
Completed: December 2009
Leader(s): David Skidmore and Louise Poulson
Organisation: University of Bath
Contact Email: d.skidmore@bath.ac.uk
Frank Hardman
University of Newcastle
Montserrat Perez Parent
University of Reading
Neil Mercer
Open University
Simon Arnfield
University of Reading

This project aims to strengthen the link between educational research and the development of pedagogy with particular reference to teacher-pupil dialogue. Specifically, it seeks to exploit the potential of existing research evidence and knowledge in this area as a resource for learning. Through recent and current funded research, each of the partners in the project have built up audio-visual datasets on classroom interaction; it is our view that these materials and the team's accumulated knowledge in the field could usefully be made more widely available for teaching and professional development purposes. The texture of teacher-pupil dialogue is a key factor affecting the quality of the learning process, and its analysis forms part of many advanced courses in Education. Whilst published transcripts are available in journals and textbooks, much of the material is scattered, and there are few resources which combine audio-visual recordings with transliteration, commentary and guidance. The project seeks to fill this gap. Indicative programmes for which the learning resources generated by the project would be suitable include: EdD, research methods training. MA, and courses of continuing professional development.