An ESCalate/Institute of Education Workshop on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education April 2003

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: March 2002
Amount awarded £1,999.99
Completed: June 2003
Leader(s): Dr Kelly Coate and Dr Andrew Brown
Organisation: Institute of Education, University of London
Contact Email:
Start Date: 1 April 2002
End Date: 30 May 2003
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 20 January 2009

The ESCalate community will be invited to participate in this one-day workshop on learning and teaching in higher education at the Institute of Education, University of London. The focus for the day's events will be the dissemination of the results of a series of innovative projects on teaching and learning in higher education, funded by the HEFCE Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund. The project directors will lead workshops based on themes arising from their projects, including: the use of new technologies in teaching; innovative pedagogical strategies; understanding the student experience; formative assessment practices; and retention strategies. The objectives of the workshops will be to disseminate research findings and share ideas about the enhancement of learning and teaching.

The workshop will also include plenary sessions on current challenges in learning and teaching in higher education, at the individual and institutional levels. The workshop will be useful not only for those teachers interested in developing specific areas of teaching practice, but also for those responsible for institutional learning and teaching strategies. It is hoped that the one-day workshop will enable participants to meet colleagues working in these areas, and provide an opportunity for professional development and reflection on practices. These reflections will continue with discussion on ESCalate's website.