Accredited Continuing Professional Development: the motivational and inhibiting factors affecting the completion of courses by teachers

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: March 2003
Amount awarded £4,999.98
Completed: December 2004
Leader(s): Tony Rea
Organisation: Oxford Brookes University
Contact Email:
Address: Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University, Harcourt Hill, Oxford, OX2 9AT
Amanda Pill
University of Gloucester
Harriet Marlan
Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln
Linet Arthur
Westminster Institute of Education, Oxford Brookes University
Start Date: 1 May 2003
End Date: 31 October 2003
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 18 November 2008

Higher education and LEA providers of accredited CPD are concerned about the issue of non-completion of their courses by teachers. Ofsted inspections, the pressure of work or the nature of a busy professional lifestyle may be cited as reasons for non-submission of assignments. Whilst mindful of these facets of professional life we believe there may be more subtle issues linked to the structure, organisation delivery and assessment of CPD courses that also make a big difference. The philosophy and general ethos of schools may also affect completion rates.

This project aims to address the issue of non-completion by teacher participants in accredited CPD with a view to making recommendations for improvement. The outcomes of the research will be disseminated on the web, in print and by seminar to help inform policy makers and deliverers. The findings will point the way towards possible refinements to current philosophy and practices in the structural organisation of CPD and pedagogical styles that support completion of accredited courses.