E-Research: using multimedia for research methods teaching and learning

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: July 2003
Amount awarded £4,200.00
Completed: August 2006
Leader(s): Mr Vic Lally
Organisation: University of Sheffield
Contact Email: v.lally@sheffield.ac.uk
Contact phone: 0114 22228136
Address: School of Education, University of Sheffield, S10 2JA
Dr Chris Jones
University of Lancaster
Ms Sue Timmins
University of Bristol
Sheena Banks
School of Education, University of Sheffield
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 30 September 2008

The Project has the key aim of a national dissemination of new methodologies for designing and developing on-line multimedia materials that effectively support the learning and teaching of Research Methods in Education and Social Sciences, particularly in distance learning and e-learning contexts. The Project will evaluate existing multimedia materials for the learning and teaching of Research Methods that have already been produced by the University of Sheffield with new end users at the Universities of Bristol and Lancaster. These materials currently exist as a multimedia CD-rom with over 60 video clips and accompanying text to highlight key questions and issues about research and an interactive design that progresses learners on to further thinking. The E-Research materials are designed as generic materials that complement and add value to print-based and Internet-based content. The evaluation data will lead to an adaptation to the design of the prototype CD-rom and the production of a Web version. There will be two national dissemination events that will demonstrate the use of the materials and provide guidelines on the development of good practice in the design and production of E-research materials. These materials will subsequently be published on the Web. The Project builds on the work of previous ESCalate projects that have produced exemplars and identified areas of research for the learning and teaching of Research Methods, but this proposal moves on beyond that to show how new methods can be implemented.