Encouraging the use of evidence to inform practice among teachers early in their careers

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: January 2004
Amount awarded £2,500.00
Completed: May 2006
Leader(s): Dr Stephen Bigger
Organisation: Institute of Education, University College Worcester
Contact Email: s.bigger@worc.ac.uk
Address: Henwick Grove, Worcester WR2 6AJ
Dr Joan Adams
Anglia Polytechnic University
Mr David Blow
Edgehill College of Higher Education
Interim report received: 8 July 2008
Final report received: 8 July 2008

Newly Qualified Teachers are confident in academic study but are still building their confidence in classroom skills. They are therefore open to the idea of continuing with their Masters, and have professional needs which a Masters programme can support by encouraging the use of evidence to inform practice, professional reflection and action research.

This project will explore how to support teachers early in their careers in ways which will build credit towards M level qualifications. It will examine how M level study can be professionally relevant, and what standards should be applied to this. Through dissemination through ESCalate and UCET, the project will make this information available to all providers of M level CPD and will aim to impact upon TTA and GTCE provision. It is anticipated that this will have some impact on teacher retention issues, and that it will help to build up a pool of teachers who have begun M level courses and are likely to wish to continue to MA. It is also anticipated that this might restore the status of the MA as a qualification relevant to teacher promotion.

It is further hoped that the pool of young teachers who have successfully completed their Masters will have an impact on future professionally relevant PhD applications.