Supplementary Materials to help QTS trainees overcome areas of weakness identified in the Mathematics Audits

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: January 2004
Amount awarded £2,000.00
Completed: January 2007
Leader(s): Mr Euros Davies, Mrs Jan Morgan
Organisation: North East Wales Institute
Contact Email:
Address: School of Education, Mold Road, Wrexham LL11 2AW
Start Date: 1 March 2004
End Date: 31 October 2006
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 30 September 2008

All NQTs must satisfy TTA standards in mathematics. In England this is achieved when the trainees pass the national QTS mathematics test. Colleges in Wales have developed an alternative approach for achieving these standards, by using a system of audits throughout the training programme.

The research intends to review the mathematics audit system, to enable the audits to be used to highlight any common areas of mathematical weaknesses of QTS trainees at NEWI. The information will then be used to provide packs of supplementary materials, which will help to improve both the standards of trainees' mathematics and their confidence in teaching those areas of mathematics.