Synchronised Integration of Art and Science in the Primary School

Grant type: Development (2000-08)
Round: January 2004
Amount awarded £2,500.00
Completed: May 2006
Leader(s): Dr. Ivor Hickey
Organisation: St Mary's University College
Contact Email:
Address: Science Department & Art Department, 191 Falls Road, Belfast. BT12 6FE
Ann Tegwen Hughes
Yr Ysgol Addysg, Coleg Prifysgol Cymru Bangor / School of Education, University of Wales College, Bangor
Sue George
Yr Ysgol Addysg, Coleg Prifysgol Cymru Casnewydd / School of Education, University of Wales College, Newport
Start Date: 1 June 2004
End Date: 30 June 2006
Interim report received: 20 January 2009
Final report received: 30 September 2008

This project will trial the concept of fully integrating art and science in primary education, within a new model for an exciting and dynamic teaching programme.

It is the non-linear thought patterns at all levels of art activity and the higher levels of science activity that take centre role. The project will seek to fully integrate two subject areas, which are typically perceived in education as being intrinsically different and separate. The programme will test in four schools the innovative idea of shared learning outcomes within a programme entitled Flights of Imagination. It will include elements of: Observation, Gathering Information, Development and Creation, building upon children's natural curiosity and lateral thinking in the exploration of flight. Art methods will be used to develop scientific concepts while maintaining the integrity of art education.

The programme's objectives are to:

  • encourage a more explorative, imaginative and enthusiastic response to science education in children;
  • deepen children's knowledge and understanding of the world to inform their art making, better matching current thinking in art education;
  • produce a dynamic model for curriculum coherency, built upon shared learning outcomes;
  • enrich children's learning experiences by providing numerous opportunities for developing key skills.

The project will interest: Curriculum Developers; ITE Providers; Undergraduates and Postgraduates in Education and Teachers.